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Mitutoyo Telescoping Gauge Set 8-150mm (Set of 6)

Part Number : 155-905
Availability : In Stock

A set of six Mitutoyo transfer gauges that enables the diameter of holes, bores or grooves to be measured with outside micrometers or calipers. In operation the spring loaded plunger of a gauge is allowed to expand within the feature to be measured and then locked in place using the knurled rotary control on the end of the handle. In practice some manipulation is necessary to ensure that the minimum size has been captured, after which the gauge is carefully withdrawn so that the dimension across the contact surfaces can be measured.

  • A spring loaded plunger expands within a bore (or groove) and is locked in place, allowing measurement of diameter (or width) with an outside micrometer after extraction from the feature.
  • Knurled finish provides a secure grip and easy locking.
  • Each set includes all 6 sizes of gauge in a fitted case.

Specifications :

  • No. 155-905
  • Range : 8-150mm
  • Remarks : Set consists of 6 telescoping gauges; 8-12.7mm, 12.7-19mm, 19-32mm, 32-54mm, 54-90mm, 90-150mm

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