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Mitutoyo Dial Bore Gauge 10-18.5mm

Part Number : 511-204
Availability : In Stock

A Mitutoyo dial bore gauge designed exclusively for small-hole ID measurement using interchangeable anvils. High-accuracy measurement is aided by a grip that reduces heat transfer from the operator’s hand.

  • The interchangeable anvils used on this gauge are made of high-grade tool steel.
  • The dial indicator is fully protected by a rugged cover.


Specifications :

  • No. 511-204
  • Range : 10-18.5mm
  • Graduation : 0.01mm
  • Accuracy : ±5µm
  • Probe depth : 100mm
  • Repeatability : 2µm
  • Remarks Includes 511-201 (Bore Gauge) and 2922SB (Dial Indicator)

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