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Mitutoyo Standard Dial Indicator 10mm (1mm)

Part Number : 2046S
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Part Number : 2046S

Geared for general measurement applications, this multi-revolution dial indicator allows measurement in either direction with its dual-reading scale.


  • The outer clamp and lifting lever (optional) can be attached to either the right or left side. These parts can easily be installed and removed without tools. 
  • Secure adhesion between the bezel and crystal as well as the use of an O-ring prevents water or oil penetration. 
  • The spindle is made of high strength quench hardened stainless steel which resists arduous use. 
  • A carbide contact point is used. 
  • A special alloy is used for the sector gears to provide improved wear resistance.
  • Application of a hard coating on the surface of the crystal makes the gauge highly scratch and chemical resistant.

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