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Mitutoyo Extra Long Stroke Large Diameter Dial Indicator 80mm (1mm)

Part Number : 3060S-19
Availability : In Stock

A Mitutoyo shockproof, multi-revolution dial indicator suited to general measurement applications in a vertical orientation. The jewelled movement provides lowest friction and stiction for smooth and precise operation.

  • Dial gauges with a large-diameter dial face to ease reading.
  • All types come with limit pins and a bezel clamp as standard.
  • Use in a vertical position only.

Specifications :


  • No. 3060S-19
  • Type : Plunger
  • Dial Type : Continuous
  • Range : 80mm (1mm)
  • Accuracy : ±45µm
  • Graduation : 0.01mm
  • Repeatability : 6µm
  • Measuring Force : 3.0N or less
  • Graduation : 0-100
  • Remarks with Lug, Use in Vertical Position only, Shockproof type, Jewelled bearing type, with coaxial revolution counter

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